Vegan Sugar Cookies

We’ve got a challenge for you: Bake these vegan sugar cookies, set them out on a tray for a holiday party and see if anyone can guess that these are made with absolutely nothing sourced from animals. These were carefully developed to contain vegan ingredients only, but to also deliver on flavor and texture. After all, no one wants a so-so cookie, and that applies to vegans as much as it does everyone else. These are beautiful cut into simple rounds (for the minimalists out there) but they can just as easily be turned into a fantastical and festive array of shapes, colors and decors to make the maximalists happy. No matter who you’re feeding, it’s a virtual sure bet that they love this cookie.

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Homemade Artisan Bread (With or Without Dutch Oven)

Even if you’ve never made homemade bread or worked with yeast before, this homemade crusty artisan bread is for you. It’s the perfect beginner recipe because it only requires 4 ingredients without any special pans or mixer, there’s no kneading or complicated shaping involved, and 95% of the work is hands-off. Bread masters will appreciate this recipe too because it delivers with delicious flavor, a slightly crisp and mega chewy crust, and those signature soft holes inside like ciabatta or French bread.

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